Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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What are people saying about NABI?

"“I was blown away with the type of businesses at NABI,” explained Maurier. “Walking around and seeing the diverse group of people gave me a networking opportunity and I was sold once I saw the setup of the NABI building.” “we were able to create a law firm within four days and NABI was instrumental in that.” "
Stacy Maurier
Estate Connection
"Our business has grown three-fold since moving in from our home offices and now it's time to move on. We have really enjoyed our time with NABI and staff and the support that they have provided for us. The incubator has definitely helped move our business from part time to full time. We have grown now to the point that we can stand on our own and grow within the community. "
Paul Falkowski & Bob Holm
New Dimension Investments Inc.
"Business Incubators are the things that are going to take the idea and help us bring it to the marketplace because an Incubator can help build economy. You build economy, you build wealth."
Hon. Doug Horner, MLA
Former Minister of Advanced Education & Technology
"I would certainly recommend anyone who is committed to their start up business, or has a desire to bring an existing business to the next level and is willing to do the work of learning, consider the service NABI has to offer. It is doubtful you will find a better value with the bonuses of being friendly and fun."
Roger Marchand
Bay6 Solutions
"NABI Team, I wanted to write this letter to thank the team at NABI for their hardwork and dedication to growing St Albert as a community and supporting entrepreneurs throughout the region. I would recommend NABI to any business start up, the support and resources NABI provides is second to none. In these challenging times of business ownership, a support line is crucial to the success of my business. Thank you for helping our team go to the next level and providing a great place to do business. The relaxed atmosphere and top notch information sessions were very informative and helped open new avenues within my business. The team is very friendly and willing to go above and beyond to help my company succeed. It was and still is a pleasure to work with all of you. Thanks again "
Collin Briault
Gervee Trucking Ltd.
"If you are thinking of starting a business, please speak to the experts at NABI. It will save you time, money and a lot of "What do I do?" questions! If you were like me, started a business but needed some coaching, I cannot think of a better environement to incubate your business. Thank you so much to all the Staff and volunteers that provide such an invaluable service to our Business Community!"
Ron van den Berge
van den Berge Solutions
"The Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI), has shown itself to be a valuable asset to our community, and to the many businesses that have successfully graduated out of the Incubator, and gone on to become growing and vital businesses both in St. Albert and in the Capital Region of Alberta. What an excellent opportunity they provide for fledgling entrepreneurs to learn how to be successful, while sheltered within the nurturing business environment of the Northern Alberta Business Incubator."
Cor de Boon
St. Albert Chamber of Commerce
"I am very happy to spend a few minutes to give accolades to N.A.B.I. and the support they have given my small, but growing company. Having only been with NABI for 2 months, I have already reaped great insights and support for my business. The coaching and seminars have been of great value and I look forward to continuing to grow my business with NABI’s help. I humbly suggest that there is no company, in the ever changing environment, that would not benefit from this service that N.A.B.I. graciously supplies and supports."
Ron van den Berge
van den Berge Solutions
"Developing St. Albert's economy is a priority for the City, it's businesses and its residents. Over the years, NABI has been extremely successful in graduating businesses into our community, and has recently been recognized with the International Business Incubator of The Year Award. NABI fills a very important role in achieving the goals and objectives of economic development in St. Albert."
Ken Korchinski
"We have been at NABI since July of 2012 and we are really happy that we chose to move here! St. Albert is a terrific city and NABI is truly an essential part of it’s business community. We have felt at home in the Mission Ave. building and were not only welcomed with open arms, but continue to be treated like family here. The facility is run well, the services provided are helpful and the programs that are available make NABI the go-to organization for any small business. Thank you NABI and all your Administrative staff for your care and support. We look forward to being here for many years to come."
Derrick & Tracey Cunningham
Primerica Financial Services
"I am extremely grateful for the help & support I’ve received form the NABI Incubator and all the staff. Their guidance, friendship & knowledge was a major contributor to my success in the production industry and the on-going career path I’ll follow. I owe NABI a huge debt of gratitude and I intend to continue the NABI relationship well in to the future. To all future entrepreneurs, accept their support, heed their advice and enjoy their support and friendship … it will pay off."
Jim Krysko
A Place In Time Video Productions
"In addition to the assistance to new businesses, the Chamber recognizes the important role NABI plays in assisting established businesses. The workshops, seminars and business counselling are invaluable services. Affordable, professional development opportunities are critical to the success of business in a highly competitive market. Having these opportunities provided locally is a definite asset for St. Albert. The development of a "high Tech" industry niche for St. Albert will benefit all of its businesses. NABI is a critical component in developing that niche. "
Jan Butler
St. Albert Chamber of Commerce
"We would encourage others to rent office space in NABI, not only because it is a great facility, but also as a great way to access Kurian! This person offers more than added value - we’re seeing that such a service is essential to growing and managing our small business."
Mladen Ryhard
IX Productions
"On behalf of Sodexo Canada Ltd., I just wanted to take a moment to thank NABI Business Development Network, for allowing us to lease office space while we were in transition. It was hard to work out of the boxes, but the office space was plenty, and suited our purpose. We will highly recommend NABI Business Development Network to anyone looking for office space to rent. Not only is it a space to rent, the atmosphere is very comforting as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have worked out of NABI."
Pam Dragon
Sodexo Canada Ltd.
"NABI is a centre-piece in St. Albert's economic development. We have seen it evolve and grow into a renowned champion for small businesses in St. Albert. And NABI promises to serve as an anchor in the proposed Info Tech eBusiness Park. NABI will help define the park and differentiate St. Albert, contributing to our vision of having an Info Tech cluster that will define our economy. "
Perry Kinkaide
Continuous Learning Community Society - St. Albert
"The Northern Alberta Business Incubator has provided the mentoring and facilities that allowed us to grow and leave the nest with confidence. "
Glenn Fritz
Sysnet Inc
"As a virtual tenant of NABI, I have enjoyed the friendly service, networking lunches and the use of your meeting rooms when I have had the need. I find the staff very helpful and accommodating and I appreciate the convenience of having a business address while being able to work from home. Thanks!"
Yvonne Racine
"NABI's mission and its objectives are consistent with those of the Province of Alberta. By promoting and assisting entrepreneurship, and by assisting the commercialization of innovative ideas, the region's economy will grow and stabilize in a highly competitive world environment. Diversification of our economy will be accelerated and the opportunity to export jobs to smaller communities will result in more sustainable communities. As a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of St. Albert, I am strongly supportive of NABI's expansion plans and encourage the assistance and support from its stakeholders. Individuals, industry, and governments will all benefit from the positive economic impact generated from a strong incubation program. NABI's proven track record and its projected contribution are deserving of our support. "
Hon. Doug Horner, MLA
"Management Information Group was founded in St. Albert in 1977 and today we employ over 60 employees and our annual sales are six million dollars. Eighty percent of our new sales are generated outside of Canada. For MIG and other firms like us to develop further in the future, it is essential that the City of St. Albert create an environment that encourages new and existing technology firms to stay and flourish in St. Albert. You must develop from within. If you agree with this concept, I cannot think of a better organization than the Northern Alberta Business Incubator to accomplish the above objective. "
A.A. Khan
Management Information Group
"The Northern Alberta Business Incubator has provided me with an ideal location for a variety of my business needs. "
Bill MacDonald
M & M Meat Shops
"Trakware Systems Inc. is extremely excited about reserving space in the new NABI building. As you are aware, along with success comes the "problems" of infrastructure and people to support that success. Further, it has been my experience that whenever we have invited a customer to visit with us at head office, we have yet to lose a deal. The confidence that a potential customer will leave with after experiencing the environment and benefits of the new NABI building, located in a world class technology park, will be second to none. "
Randy Richel
Market Development Trakware Systems Inc.

Workshop Testimonials

"I am very grateful for all the help and support that I have received from NABI. From free business classes - that covered everything from Accounting to Zero loss security, to one-on-one business coaching from Kurian Tharakan, I had everything I needed to get my company going on the right track"
Ron van den Berge
van den Berge Solutions
"“My frustration has always been in defining what I do because I’m unique. Because of that, I really wanted to have help in focusing what I say to people in a concise and intelligent manner. Kurian is very direct and to the point, which is what I like. It’s why I signed up in the first place. Now I have a pretty good idea of what to say in an elevator.”"
Ron van den Berge
van den Berge Solutions
"In three 1 hour meetings, I have been challenged to look at every aspect of what we do, right to the core of our business. It is very exciting to see a framework evolving that will put us on the right path for the next 3-5 years."
Mark Canduro
MSC Finanacial Services
"In just two sessions, Kurian has helped me define and refine who our target markets should be, clearly state our value proposition and focus on marketing tools. I have had the pleasure of working with Kurian Tharakan, business coach and marketing guru. In just two sessions, he has helped me: - Define and refine who our target markets should be - Clearly state our value proposition - Focus on marketing tools that will support the above Kurian is a consummate professional and has asked the tough questions without being condescending or judgemental. I look forward to continuing my work with Kurian in helping my company to be the best we can possibly be."
Ron van den Berge
van den Berge Solutions
"I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with Kurian as my business coach. Our sessions allow me to brainstorm and evaluate new ideas, and then create practical strategies and plans for their execution. We have great back and forth discussions which allow me to have clarity on the real situation, and the opportunities and risks involved. Kurian brings a wealth of experience from many different industries and I feel fortunate to be able to work with him."
Rob LeLacheur
St. Albert Leader
"Kurian brings a wealth of strategic insight, anecdotal narrative and sound advice to the conversation. Our consulting sessions have been informative, enlightening and enjoyable. The result is a refreshing new perspective on my business, and renewed commitment. All of which lead to enhanced profitability."
David Klippenstein
David Klippenstein & Associates
"When we first began working with Kurian, we were overwhelmed, stressed and struggling with how to retail a single product that we had spent months producing. Kurian made the effort to fully understand the scope of our business by asking all the right questions, and encouraging us to think about our business in ways we had not previously done. Through this process, we have discovered many new opportunities for the company. He is now guiding us through the creation of a marketing strategy where we will be able to sell several additional products under a new brand. He has given us the ability to capitalize on the massive potential in our company, but in a way that is manageable and realistic. We would encourage others to rent office space in NABI, not only because it is a great facility, but also as a great way to access Kurian! This person offers more than added value - we’re seeing that such a service is essential to growing and managing our small business."
Mladen Ryhard
IX Productions
"My business, Sublime Swim & Sunwear, is now in it’s 10th year of operations. The past couple of years we have been transitioning from a small business to a medium-small business which has presented some real challenges. Since I’ve started working with Kurian, I have been able to identify areas of my business where changes needed to be made and where marketing messages needed to be strengthened. I have also identified several other profit centers within my existing core business through this program. Kurian’s encouragement and experience are invaluable to my business."
Lynn Carolei
Sublime Swim & Sunwear
"Kurian Tharakan has a unique ability to distill business development theories into practical, key strategies and actions. For me to learn how to develop and implement new strategy, another university course, self-help book or video was not going to be helpful. What makes Kurian’s workshops particularly relevant is the application of his easy to understand content to each participant’s situation. Multiple scenarios applied to a variety of businesses types deepens comprehension. You end up with an action based framework to apply to the issue at hand. Kurian’s excellent presentation and mentorship skills has always been entertaining and engaging – no time for sleep in these sessions. Taking it one step further with the one on one coaching sessions, Kurian provided several insightful suggestions specific to my situation which have proved to be very effective. I would certainly recommend anyone who is committed to bringing their business to the next level to seek out his advice."
Roger Marchand
Bay6 Solutions
"I have attended several of Kurian’s workshops, as well as receiving personalized business coaching from him. I found his knowledge in strategy, marketing and sales, as well as approachable teaching style to be extremely helpful to our startup company. Working with Kurian has shown us that we can make a number of small, simple, changes that will make a big improvement to our bottom line results."
Ken Schmidt
Wilson Analytical Services

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