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NABI Commons Business Coach Profile: Ken Douglas Chelsey Tattrie

Ken Douglas 

BSc (H), MEng, MBA
Western Canadian Leader of R&D at Grant Thornton

Ken Douglas is a NABI Commons business coach with a focus on Research and Development. With 18 years of experience and multiple degrees under his belt, Ken is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and new businesses. His coaching extends to many industries and trades, so be certain to drop into Commons to pick his brain. 

As a scientist, turned engineer, turned government grant authority, Ken’s specialized experience has led him to become the Western Canadian Leader of Research and Development (R&D) with Grant Thornton. Ken helps entrepreneurs and businesses obtain grants and funding needed for creating innovative techniques, projects, and products. 

In his position at Grant Thornton, Ken has worked alongside NABI frequently, helping NABI’s startups and transitional clients obtain the funding for science and technology-based projects. He values the work being done in business incubators across the province, and he hopes to extend his reach to help as many entrepreneurs as he can as a business coach at NABI Commons. 

Ken has extensive insights into the grant funding process, thanks to his previous position as an RTA with Canada Revenue Agency for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program (essentially determining eligibility and holding the rubber stamp for grant approvals). As a result, he offers NABI Commons clients first-hand knowledge of what a successful application will look like. He knows how to meet the criteria, and how to apply, and most importantly, how to make the most of the grants available. Ken can also help new entrepreneurs strategize to set up their operations for maximum funding levels, and ensure that tracking systems are in place for a straightforward application process. Virtually any business that is using innovative technology or processes is likely eligible for funding in a grant program. If you are operating directly in an area of science or technology, your opportunities increase significantly. Some of the most typical businesses and industries Ken works with include manufacturing, agriculture, biomedical, oil & gas, software development & information technology (including gaming software), and chemical engineering. 


Visit NABI Commons to find out directly from Ken: 


  • Which grants are available
  • Which grants you are eligible for
  • How much you can receive in grants
  • How to set your business up for the best results
  • How to track remittance information
  • What the criteria are, and how best to meet them
  • How to apply
  • What a successful application will include/look like
  • What to avoid
  • Who can help you, and what your next steps should be

NABI’s business coaches are available in-person at Commons every day to help with all your business questions and needs.
Ken is available to answer your R&D questions at NABI Commons on Fridays, between 9am-11am. Double check the coaching schedule here to ensure he will be available, or to see which other coaches and professionals will be on hand to answer your questions. You can also email Ken directly at Ken.Douglas@ca.gt.com.

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